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Every Child Learning L.L.C

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Our Mission

Every Child Learning is here to meet your child's learning needs with one on one support. We provide private virtual tutoring for Pre-K to 7th grade students and instructional coaching for teachers. We understand the uniqueness in every child and pledge to foster success by understanding your child's learning style, providing custom curated lesson plans & driving results. We aim to ignite each parent's visions of success, for their child, through goals setting and progress monitoring.

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Nickiage, Pre-k Parent

What I can say about Miss Dominque! When COVID hit and our son had to be homeschooled, she went over and beyond to build his confidence in the math and language arts. She has continued to personalize each session to his way of learning and helping him to master his exercises. She gives an update on progress and areas to work on as well as truly cares about our son's academic success. Thank you so much and I recommend anyone to utilize ECL.

Ashley, 4th grade Parent

ECL has been a good tool in helping my daughter continue to build her confidence with math! Her teacher has noticed improvement as well, and we have had higher test scores with the additional enrichment.

Saquinta, 2nd grade Parent

Mrs. Broomfield is an amazing educator my daughter has really excelled while working with her per her teacher. She was experiencing a lot of behavioral issues out of frustration because she didn't understand certain math concepts but in just a short amount of time with Mrs. Broomfield's help she is a lot more confident in her ability to problem solve.

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